Life at Plymouth Notch

Updates will be available July 2018

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We have State permits to build 14 town house units with capacity to build an additional 30 units in phase one. We have chosen to continue to work on the mountains infrastructure and have delayed construction until 2018. However if four families would like to purchase units we are happy to sit down and discuss the timing of construction.  At this point many members already own or rent homes in the area thus not forcing the club to spec build.

Master Concept Plan

The Concept plan is a work in progress. There will be multiple revisions in the years due to our customers needs and regulatory requirements. All members will be fully notified of our intentions and opinions are always welcomed.

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Phase 1 Village

Phase 1 will be built on demand. While our business plan includes development, our customer needs may dictate a expanded lodge or an additional lift. Phase 1 truly depends upon growth and current member needs.

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In honor of America’s 30th president, President Coolidge, who lived 2 miles from Plymouth Notch, we are creating a village consistent with President Coolidge’s homestead. We expect to release layouts during the 2016-17 season.

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