Our Memberships

Our goal is to achieve a community atmosphere where you are known by name and not an ID number. We expect our staff to understand your needs and create a comfortable, safe atmosphere. As you enter the doors of the Lodge, we want you to understand this is your personal ski mountain. When our customers refer to Plymouth Notch as their second home, we have achieved our goal.

Escape the Crowds

As a member of Plymouth Notch you will experience an environment without lift lines, terrain which will not be skied off by noon, backcountry skiing only found in the West and a Lodge which feels like your home. Our interests are aligned with yours because our families are on the mountain as well.

Peace of Mind

Most of our terrain leads back to the Lodge; this allows our members to worry less about their children and more about relaxing and enjoying their day. We encourage a safe atmosphere amongst our members. We expect all our members to watch any and all children on the mountain. We feel this is one of the most important distinctions of our mountain. Your child’s safety is important to us.

Your Voice Matters

Unlike other clubs, your opinion will matter at Plymouth Notch. You will have access on a daily basis to speak with the owners and staff of Plymouth Notch. We are always striving to enhance your experience at the mountain and your opinions and thoughts will help us achieve this goal.

Additional Benefits

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2017-2018 Promotion*


*Initiation fee waived for your first two years, payable in year three

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